What's in a Name

The beautiful name ‘Vaayupankh’ and its initials VP depicted in form of flying Eagle in air with open feathers having an olive branch in its beak as logo has a beyond imagination significance.
Vaayu or Air is the symbol of life and continuous movement. An open sky is full of air conveying that sky is the limit for our ambitions and dreams. Touch the sky with glory.
Pankh or Feather symbolizes divinity, purity, devotion that are imbibed in all our activities, it also signifies smooth speed & lightness...which means life will be free of worries to help you fly high to make your dreams come true.

” We have to take charge of our dreams…we have to have control of our lives

Mission – Our aim is to make everyone full of life with love and passion so that everyone advances and achieve new heights in one’s life and fulfill all the dreams.

Vision – To nurture and promote our rich cultural heritage with values imbibed in them to the future generations for inculcating pride and respect for our legacy. Touch the Sky with Glory, have high thoughts, progressive approach to achieve infinite aspirations but at the same time be rooted, always be grounded, follow your traditions and culture.

Aims & Objectives – Working for meaningful and purposeful social causes through events and projects of various natures with a strong social message for strengthening the foundation of this nation further strong. Under Vaayupankh legacy the various works and projects we do basically are for teens, youth, their parents & for all such people having concern for “Bharat”. As a social responsibility it’s a small endeavor on voluntarily basis to guide teens and youth at right age and showing them the right direction to the extent possible so that they know the value of time and discipline in life.  Our aim not only is to Inspire them to serve country by joining Forces but also to inculcate affection for our culture, values & ethos, having devotion & respect for Motherland always whatever field or career they opt for or whatever they want to be. We want the young generation to know about their powerful role in social reform.

Significance of Logo - Flying Eagle in clear sky with open feathers having an olive branch in its beak

Birds are considered divine creatures as they are creatures of the sky (heaven) and therefore closer to the God. An Eagle especially is a herald of constancy, loyalty, honesty, truthful principles fruitfulness and winged aspirations with an attitude of humbleness. It bestows freedom and courage to look ahead. And at the same time Eagles enjoy living on a family, they are comfortable together, they’d like to spend each of their lives with a company. An Eagle will never surrender. Like an eagle we should always have a vision to reach our dreams, they love storms but knows how to escape troubles. Being humble like an eagle means that even though we reach the top of our desires, the attitude of not forgetting where we came from is what matters most. Flying with Olive branch in its beak Signifies peace, happiness, good luck or destiny, continuity of life and symbolize change and movement.

उड़ान सपनों की….It says all.

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Life goes on....

Feathers floating in the air mean a life of ease, comfort, warmth and of prosperity. It also symbolizes enjoyment for life, realization of your goals, aspirations and advancement up the social ladder. It means that one will meet with much success in one’s future.

 Feathers are also symbolic of having higher thoughts and lighter outlook on life, particularly in a tough situation. Feathers give us a message that we need to lighten, not take things too seriously, and try to find the joy in every situation.