Do you have an Eagle attitude?

Do you have an Eagle attitude?

An Eagle is the king of the bird kingdom, they are large birds of prey.
1st attitude of an eagles is they flock together.
They Enjoy living on a family, they are comfortable together, they’d like to spend each of their lives with a company.

An Eagle will never surrender even if it’s prey is much more larger than her/him.

2nd attitude of an eagle is that can see long distance of prey.
They have a sharp vision that they could still sight a rabbit two miles away while in flight. Also an Eagle has a visual acuity 3.0 to 3.6 times that of humans.

If we relate this in our lives, Like an eagle we should always have a vision to reach our dreams.

3rd Attitude of an Eagle is that they could fly of an altitude of 10,000 feet, but they are able to swiftly land on the ground. I have concluded that the eagle have the attitude of humbleness. being humble is like an eagle, even though we reach the top of our desires, the attitude of not forgetting where we came from is what matters most.

4th attitude of an eagle is that they escape from rain but they love storms.
When the storm comes an Eagle make use of it. The stronger the wind the happier they we’re, because the pressure of the storm give them the ability to fly without exerting energy.The Eagles escape rain by flying above the sky, Likewise they escape trouble.

In Courtship an Eagle is one of the most serious animal when it comes to this matter.
5th Attitude of an Eagle what I like the most is they have Love & affection. The female Eagle uses twigs to test the male eagle if it is sincere of his courtship.

The test is the test of loyalty. the female eagle Drops the twigs and the male eagle catches it. it is repeatedly until the female eagle gets unto its highest altitude. did you see how romantic an eagle was.

Do you have an Eagle attitude? I am Sure You Have.
Thank you for reading & offering a piece of you life.Do you have an Eagle attitude?


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